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Welcome to Wonderthing!

It’s time I showed you how the two of us can shake this world like a thunderstick, full of storms and dreams and wonderthings

- from 'Dreamhand' by Dave Robison

Three years ago, when I launched The Roundtable Podcast, I was just looking for a way to engage with people that loved stories as much as I did.

We were deep into the digital age and it was so easy to reach out, connect with incredible creators, and have a cool conversation about storytelling. It was a rush, an education, and a fabulous adventure. I made a lot of amazing friends, online and at conventions, and along the way I noticed something: 

My conversations outside the podcast started to sound a lot like my conversations inside the podcast. The hobby was becoming a lot more than a hobby.

As so often happens when you immerse yourself in something you truly love, things that seemed impossible become much more plausible. Like writing a novel with some of your favorite authors. Or launching a publication of your own. Opportunities begin to present themselves… and it would be rude to turn them down.

As we neared completion of the first draft for an epic Shattered Worlds novel, the idea for Vex Mosaic materialized – courtesy of Alasdair Stuart, David Annandale, and Paul Weimer – and completely derailed me. This simply had to happen. So I carved another slice of time from the already slim loaf of my day and set the wheels in motion.

Multiplication Rock was right… “three” really is a magic number. And when you’re working on three projects – a podcast about storytelling, a novel, and a publication exploring the cultural resonance of speculative media – a theme starts to emerge. And you start thinking, “Since they’re all connected through the idea of ‘the story’, maybe that can be the launch point for all of them.”

Hence… Wonderthing Studios.

I’ve always loved stories. And I’ve always believed we’re better together than alone and the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Wonderthing combines all that into a single entity with a mission to not only foster great stories, but also support the people who are creating them.

The train is leaving the station and the tracks stretch far beyond what I can see. But if you’re up for an adventure, hop on… it’s gonna be a wild ride.

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  1. Teri Robison

    Congratulations on the launch of our next adventure!

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