Vex Mosaic

Using speculative media as a lens into the heart of culture, society, and our species

The Publication

Vex Mosaic is a quarterly review of essays and commentary using media events (films, books, graphic novels, etc.) as a lens into culture, art, or society. Thought-leaders and visionaries from a diverse spectrum of disciplines and art forms offer their unique perspectives, inviting new modes of thought and awareness.

Vex Mosaic expands the conversation beyond the media event, utilizing the reader’s engagement with the media as a framework for discussion. Essays using The Hulk as a metaphor for human aggression or the movie “Lucy” as a backdrop for an exploration into human potential are both examples of the kind of discourse readers will enjoy within its digital pages.

Each quarterly issue of Vex Mosaic will be available in e-book and audiobook formats.

The Website

Each month, the Vex Mosaic website will feature even more essays and commentary from today’s most inspired thinkers and creators. In addition, featured essays will be podcast along with interviews with some of the authors featured on the site. A select few will be produced as videos to be featured in the Vex Mosaic YouTube Channel.


For those who do not want to wait for three months to enjoy this evocative (and sometimes subversive) content, there will be a Patreon feed where subscribers can receive 4 essays a month for as little as $1.00 (that’s $0.25 per essay). Subscribers will also receive bonus essays exclusive to the Patreon feed.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines will be available on the Vex Mosaic website. Writers whose essays are accepted will be compensated either with a per-word rate single payment or a generous percentage revenue share.

Project Details:



March 25, 2015




Readers will be able to enjoy the content of Vex Mosaic in a variety of formats:

  • the website
  • the podcast
  • the upcoming YouTube channel
  • in quarterly e-book and audiobook publications

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