Vocal Profile: Dave Robison

Location: Tennessee, USA

Education: BA Theater, University of Wyoming

Vocal Quality: Deep, resonant, powerful, capable of great range, subtly, and nuance.

Dialects: British (high/low), French, German, various ethnicities, Eastern, American Southern, New York, Boston, character

Character Age Range: young adult to ancient


Short Fiction Narration: audio fiction performances for EscapePod, PseudoPod, PodCastle, Drabblecast, Starship Sofa, Tales to Terrify, Crime City Central, and Journey Into, including:

Audio Drama/Fullcast Productions: Announcer/Narrator for “Hidden Harbor Mysteries” (Jay Smith/Bryan Lincoln), Mike Calovito for “On a Clear Day, You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy” (Desmond Warzel, Drabblecast EP 340), various vocal performances for Gail Carriger’s “Crudrat“, Abigail Hilton’s “The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 5

Audiobooks: “Psychadelic-40” by Louis Charbonneau, “Barrier World” by Louis Charbonneau


Excerpt from “Sundae” by Matt Wallace
[heroic fantasy, suspense]

Excerpt from “Frontier Death Song” by Laird Barron
[horror, noire]

Excerpt from “That Gulderned Hole” by Gary Cuba
[humor, southern dialect, vocal production]

Excerpt from “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe
[horror, classical, poetry, refined dialect]

Excerpt from “Some Assembly Required” by Terry Mirll
[instructional, formal, audio production]

Excerpt from “On a Clear Day…” by Desmond Warzel
[urban dialect, announcer/host]

Excerpt from “Suave Rob…” by J. Daniel Sawyer
[old age, urban]

Excerpt from “Knife Fight” by David Nickle
[precise narration]

SofaCON II Kickstarter promo
[promotional, bombastic]

Excerpt from “Superhero Corner” by Christopher Morse

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