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Launched in 2012, The Roundtable Podcast has aired over 150 episodes, bringing writers together to brainstorm story ideas.

Inspired by the brainstorming segments of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast, the Roundtable Podcast invites writers to pitch a story idea to a noted author, editor, or publisher. The concept is then workshopped in a free-form brainstorming session affirming the strengths and shoring up the weaknesses with ultimate goal of transforming the raw idea into Literary Gold.

Episode Formats

20 Minutes With…

Seasoned storytellers, publishers and editors are interviewed for 20(ish) minutes about their craft. A few months into the broadcast schedule, host David Robison began to conduct deep research into each Guest Host, incorporating his findings into his introduction. This enthusiastic celebration of each host’s achievement has become a signature moment in the “20 Minutes With…” segment. View the archive of “20 Minutes With…” episodes…

Workshop Episodes

Following the interview, a Guest Writer is invited to join the show and pitch a story idea to the group. The next 45 minutes is dedicated to exploring the idea, affirming what works and exploring other possibilities of character, plot, and worldbuilding. The goal of each workshop is to transform a raw story idea into “Literary Gold.” View the archive of Workshop episodes…

The Dialogues

Four or five literary professionals are gathered together to discuss some aspect of the writers craft. To-date, Dialogues about Transmedia Storytelling, Audiobooks, The “Death” of Cyberpunk, and The Changing Face of Storytelling have been aired. Future Dialogue episodes will feature The Impact of Role-Playing Games on Literature, Understanding Tie-in Fiction, and Using History in Speculative Fiction. View the archive of Dialogue episodes…

One Question

Initiated and the Balticon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, the One Question format poses a single question to multiple authors and literary professionals. The answers are discussed by the hosts, exploring the unique insights and perspectives of each author’s response. View the archive of One Question episodes…

Project Details:

Dave Robison


March 7, 2012

Launch Date
New episodes of The Roundtable Podcast air every Tuesday and are available via the website and on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and via RSS feed

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