Onder Librum (The Ed Greenwood Group)

That which is hidden... revealed!

In order to facilitate their ambitious Onder Librum project, The Ed Greenwood Group, required a powerful web presence. It needed to be a robust community portal that supported the full scope of their creative endeavors, including:

  • Promotion, sales, and distribution of hundreds of novels, games, and artwork
  • Production and distribution for four deverse podcasts
  • Development and distribution of multiple digital periodicals
  • Establishing a YouTube Channel for video distribution
  • Community engagement in the form of forums and membership/affiliate programs

The solution currently being implemented by Wonderthing Studios has exceeded all expectations. In addition to a compelling visual presentation and clear content structure, the site features a robust shopping cart solution (built on the Woocommerce engine with transactions secured by SSL and processed by Authorize.net), separate sub-sites for each Onder Librum story setting (allowing for discrete community building for fans of each setting’s product line), and powerful media delivery via the Blubrry WordPress plugin.

As the project continues to evolve with diverse content and initiatives, The Ed Greenwood Group relies on Wonderthing Studios to support its continued growth with a stable, reliable, and dynamic web presence.

Project Details:

Wonderthing Studios


The Ed Greenwood Group


March 11, 2016

Launch Date
Explore the multitude of storytelling delights at Onder Librum, a collaborative shared-world experience created by Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms)