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Learning from the Stories

At WonderThing Studios, we believe our lives are defined by the stories we love.

Each unique story – whether we experience it through books, movies, graphic novels, music, or art – embodies a perspective of the world around us. Some stories awaken a strong response, an exciting recognition that affirms our desires or illustrates our fears.

Like moving through your home with the lights out… you constantly reach out to orient yourself, and when you touch something familiar, you can navigate to where you want to go. Stories provide us with navigation points as we move through our lives.

Finding new ways to affirm the creative process as a collaboration, not a solitary event.

Stories invite people to gather, to listen. Through them, we all have a shared experience, a thread that binds us together. As we seek out those stories, we discover others who have marveled at the same wonders.

These kindred spirits are our tribe. They can become allies, teachers, and collaborators.

When writers become collaborators, the creative potential explodes. When readers share their discoveries, they seed the world with new perceptions  and expand the power of an idea exponentially.


The Power of the Story

WonderThing is focused on three aspects of the storyteller’s craft:

The Process

Just as an artist must understand color and pigment, the writer must understand narrative and character, plot and worldbuilding. The nuances of the writer’s craft are subtle and diverse, expressed in unique ways through each writer’s voice.

WonderThing’s production of The Roundtable Podcast explores and celebrates that voice. Listeners are treated to interviews with veterans of the craft and then listen in to live workshops as they brainstorm story ideas. It’s an opportunity to experience the creative process first hand and discover new paths of inspiration.

The Vision

Our stories are the lens through which we view the world. Understanding WHY a story affects us is a potent key to understanding ourselves, our culture, and our path in life.

Our publication of the VexMosaic Quarterly – and its associated Patreon feed, podcast, and YouTube Channel – creates a platform for thought-leaders and visionaries to share insights into those stories, expanding readers’ vocabulary of thought and understanding.

The Collaboration

What if we all agreed to share a story world? The Internet is ideal for sharing and cross-pollinating ideas and the Creative Commons License was structured to foster that kind of exchange without compromising the privileges of rights-holders.

Our publication of the first Shattered Worlds collaborative novel – “Chasing the Devil: Memoirs of a Reluctant Pirate” (Fall 2015) – will be set in an open storyverse, a shared world where everyone is welcome to expand the scope and detail of the world with their own inspired creations.

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