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First Newsletter is Hours Away from Launch!

Time is running out!

Tick tock… in just a few more hours, the first of the WonderThing Newsletters hits the cyberways!

I consider “Newsletter Subscribers” as the VIPs of the WonderThing Community. They’re curious, they’re hopeful, they’re intrigued… enough to take the risk of having one more thing plow into their inbox. They’re anticipating something valuable, some digital treasure that’s theirs and theirs alone.

We don’t intend to disappoint.

The content of our newsletters will fall under two categories: A) Stuff that will eventually be made public, but the subscribers get first peek (and first dibs), and B) exclusive content only available to those bold souls who signed up.  This can take the form of special offers, links to content no one else gets,  or the inside track on projects and events.

The is the Backstage Pass, the WonderThing Insider, you pipeline to pulse of the studio’s plans and projects.

In the Premier Newsletter…

If you’re not signed up, it’s not too late! You can fill out that convenient form in the sidebar or click here. Either way, you’ll be all set.

We have one goal: Ensuring the WonderThing Newsletter is the FIRST email you open when you check your InBox! If we fall short of that, then you contact us and let us know what we can do to exceed your expectations (’cause meeting expectations just isn’t enough)!

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